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Classifier ( Duplex rake )



Classifier (Rake & Screw)

Rake Type Classifier

  • This type of classifier constitutes Single or Double Reciprocating rake mechanism, which is ruggedly built with structural
    steel and is inclined at a specific angle (<Angle of Repose). An array of Linkages with Hinge Pin joints makes it possible for
    long rakes to give a uniform & consistent raking action at a very low energy. These robust mechanism is best known for its
    trouble free operation for years together.
    The Rake mechanism
    facilitates higher grit removal
    using different Sizes i.e, 305mm,
    460 mm , 610 mm , 760 mm ,
    920 mm in Single Rake
    construction while the capacity
    can be doubled using common
    drive & duplex Rake. And
    lengths ranging from 5 Mtr to 12
    Mtr based on the Inclination
    angle and submergence in the
    Rake Classifiers are built over
    RCC or Metallic Troughs based
    on the application

rake type classifier
Rake Type
Screw Type Classifier

Screw Type Classifier

  • This type of Classifier consists of
    slow speed Single Screw enclosed
    in a half metal trough for positive
    material transfer ensuring higher
    rate of grit/sand disposal. Screw
    Diameter, length and angle of
    installation can be more flexibly
    designed to suit the application
    requirements. Most common sizes are 250mm, 305mm, 406mm, 457mm and 508mm Dia. Screw Classifiers lengths ranging
    from 4 Mtr to 9 mtr can be built without any intermediate bearing support.

Screw Type
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