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Trickling Filter, Rotary Distributor

INDOFAB Trickling Filters are the Distributing mechanism for STP water on a Media or Bio Tower of certain height. The Mechanism is placed at the top of the Bio/Media Tower and set in motion by Water trajectory force for equal distribution of flow all over the surface area of the Bio/Media Tower.
INDOFAB Trickling Bio Filter Mechanisms are most modern and modular designs available in the market. The Bio Filters are traditionally used for past century ; later were replaced by many new technology in urban cities. INDOFAB Trickling Bio Filters still very upbeat and preferred by designers as Economical and trouble free designs lasting for decades without any maintanaince or upkeep requirement.
The INDOFAB Trickling Bio Filters upgraded to latest designs in 2014 have further enhanced their capacities & versatility. Being in Sewage Treatment Industry these are most unattended equipments and INDOFAB TBF ensures that no special attention or operator is required.

  • INDOFAB Trickling Bio Filters are state of art design on Antifriction Bearings; The Filters are above all old designs / models using large turntables, liners or drives too. INDOFAB TBF are designed to give equal surface loading and get maximum BOD reduction due to even distribution and Thin film Water Sparging Nozzle Design.

    INDOFAB TBF gives flexibilty of operating at very low flows to extremely high peak loads. The unit design is modular in construction and any or every part of it can be accessed independently without much hazzles.

    INDOFAB Trickling Bio Filters operate on self generated water thurst critically calculated by our design experts to overcome the friction and rotate at steady speeds without any Drive system.

trickling filter 50m dia
trickling filter , bio tower , bio filter
  • Trickling Bio Filters; traditionally are manufactured in Carbon Steel.

  • - Modern day methods of Hot Dip Galvanizing & SS304/SS316 Materials are more preferred.

  • - There is a Centrally Fixed Pillar encompassing the Feed Pipe & provides Guide to Rotary Distributor Drum.

  • - Distrubutor drum has adjustable weir for large flow rate equipments.

  • - The Central Pillar extend to higher elevation to support Tie rods to rotating pillars through a Antifriction Bearing.

  • - Two Anti Friction Bearings mounted a at "X" Distance apart vertically for Stabilized Rotation of two or four rake arms.

  • - Adjustable Orifice makes it possible to reduce, increase or close particular Nozzles without any hazzles as per the site and flow requirements.

  • INDOFAB Trickling Bio Filters are available in Following Sizes :

  • - 4 Mtr Diameter to 60 Mtr Diameter. Usually can be of any size based on Media or Bio Tower Design.

  • - Combination of 2,3,4 or 6 Distributor arms usually decided by Media Surface Loading Capacity and Bio Tower Diameter.

  • - Carbon Steel Epoxy Painted, Carbon Steel Hot Dip Galvanized, AISI 304 & AISI 316 Constructions are available.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants STP

  • Effluent Treatment Plant ETP

  • Effluent Treatment Plants ETP

  • Pulp & Paper Industry

trickling filter
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