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Belt Filter Press

INDOFAB Belt Filter Press are very standardized modular design with minimum Foot print area and minium power requirements. The Rollers are mounted on a Structural Frame work and actuated by compact design geared motors. Post flocculation the feed enters the draining area of the Filter where the Slurry effectively drains by Gravity in the Filtrate Trays to filtrate tank. Later the slurry with belt moves over to the roller to come in contact with the opposite belt and squeeze the sludge between the two belts. As the pair of belt with sludge advances the pressure is gradually increased by passing the belt pair through series of rollers and finally as the pair of belt departs the squeezed cake discharges through a scrapper blade to discharge trough. The belts then start a new cycle of squeezing after passing through a pressurized wash system for cleaning the belt. The cycle is continous and endless dewatering at steady rate can be done with this system.

  • INDOFAB Belt Filter Press are mainly dewatering units for small 1 to 5 m3/hr to 6 to 15 m3/hr medium feed slurries in Industrial and Municipal Waste Water Treatment.
    Essentialy as the name suggests these units are very compact units made of rotating belt through rollers which squeeze the Sludge to be dewatered with appropriate pressure.

    The Set of rollers facilitate rotation of two belts in a parallel manner accepting the slurry amidst them & discharging the dewatered sludge at other end.

    The Filter Belts forms both the conveying as well as squeezing filter media for the slurry/sludge. The Positive Squeezing arrangement is irrespective of the type & nature of effluent and is more cost effective , faster in installation with very low initial & operational costs.

Belt Filter press (BFP)
Belt Filter Press
  • The Rollers are available with Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel AISI 304/L, AISI 316/L , Rubberlined constructions.

  • The Trays are usually in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel MOC as suitable to the Process Liquid.

  • The Selection of the Belt permeability and strength is the key to Belt press performance, wide variety of Filter Media belts are available for selection.

  • Effluent Treatment Plants

  • Sewage Treatment Plants STP

  • Watewater Treatment Plants WWTP

Belt Filter Press (BFP)
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