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INDOFAB Agitators are customized and designed to achieve best possible degree of mixing with minimum batch time optimizing the use of power.

Most common Applications are mixing of Particulate solids or granular solids to liquids or mixing of two different liquids in varied proportion to form a homogenous dispersion or mixer.

Modern day design tools and references are available for most efficient and high performance design, which makes it possible for attending more complex and industry specific agitation requirements

  • INDOFAB Agitators are available in Carbon Steel painted or FRP or Rubberlined construction are preferred in Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants or mixing neutral slurries. Commonly preferred Materials of SS304, SS316 and SS317 are more preferred in Industrial and chemical applications.

A) A standard INDOFAB Agitator with Tank lncludes :

  • -tank of suitable material with structural supports & necessary service nozzles.

  • a suitable stuffing box sealing arrangement

  • Motor, Gear box and Lantern Support assembly with Bearing Housing

  • Suitable design of Coupling, Shaft & impellors.

B) A standard INDOFAB Agitator without Tank Includes :

  • Agitator Support frame spanning Tank

  • a suitable stuffing box sealing arrangement (Optional)

  • Motor, Gear box and Lantern Support assembly with Bearing Housing.

  • Suitable Design of Coupling, Shaft & Impellors.

  • Large size agitator may have bottom or intermitent guide bearing arrangment.

C) Typical Agitators based on application/geometry/fitment location are :

  • Side Entry agitator.

  • Multiple Agitator.

  • Anchor Agitator

  • Bottom Entry agitator.

Radial Agitator
  • INDOFAB Agitators can be designed for following Tanks :

  • Tank geometery of Round or Square or Rectangular shape from 0.3 Mtr diameter to 8 Mtr Diameter.

  • Tank Depths of 0.3 Mtr to 8 Mtr.

  • Baffled or unbaffled Tanks

  • Large RCC pulp or slurry storage tanks.

  • Blending vessels , reaction vessels, Homoginizing vessels and cooling vessels.

  • Commonly preferred material of Agitator constructions such as Cabon Steel, Stainless Steel SS304, SS316, SS317 , Steel lined with FRP , Steel lined with Rubber, steel lined with Halar.

  • Equalization Tank agitators.

  • Water Treatment Plant WTP

  • Sewage Treatment Plant STP

  • Effluent Treatment Plant ETP

  • Waste water treatment WWTP

  • Paper Industry

  • Lubricant Industry

open impeller type agitator
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