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Degritting Mechanism

At preliminary Levels most of the sedimentation process requires effective removal of Grit / Sand / Higher size Particulate content typically these are contents with High Specific Gravity like Grit, Sand stones, Scales, <10mm Debris materials etc. INDOFAB de-gritting Mechanism go with their name De-Gritting enclosed in a cleverly designed tank inline with the main flow channel such that all the liquid free from Grit/debris flows over the weir while the settled Grit/Debris is collected in side channels (1or 2) and is further effectively discharged at an elevation few mtrs. above the water level in a dry but moist manner. Sole purpose to de-grit High rate settling solids of substantial size >0.15mm ; This also reduces load (unwanted) on the down side equipments

  • The INDOFAB Degritting mechanism includes

  • Collecting Mechanism (tank scraper mechanism)

  • Cleaning Mechanism (rake classifier / screw classifier) & Organic Return Mechanism. (only used in STP/Biological ETP systems)

9.1 M SQ DETRITOR Welspun Anjar  SS 316
Detritor varanasi
  • Heavy Steel Constructions .

  • Full Bridge Mounted Degritting with Rake Classifier

  • Full bridge Mounted Degritting with Screw Classifier.

  • Pier Mounted Degritting Mechanisms with Rake/Screw Classifier.

  • Cleaning Mechansim integrated with Dual Collecting Mechanisms for heavy Loads.

  • Large Size Degritting Mechanism are with three or more rake Arms and two or more Cleaning Mechanisms. (rake or screw)

  • Extra Deep Degritting Collecting Mechanisms are provided with Grit Pump for pumping the Grit to Cleaning mechanism.

  • Above all combination of Collecting & Cleaning mechanisms can be coupled with appropriate rating Organic Return Mechanism

  • Epoxy Painted Degritting Systems.

  • Stainless Steel SS304/316 Degritting systems.

  • Duplex Steel Degritting Mechanisms.

  • Specially lined Degritting Mechanisms.

  • RCC Bridge Mounted Collecting Mechanism for Degritting systems.

  • RCC Trough or Metallic Trough Cleaning Mechanism for Degritting Systems.

  • Cyconic Desification using Cyclones and later a standard Degritting Mechanism is most popular in ETP and WTP with High Gravel/Sand Content.

  • De-gritting systems are used to remove the inorganic particles to prevent damage to the equipments in later stage like pumps, and to prevent their accumulation in sludge digesters.
    Most common application is in

  • Sewage Treatment Plants STP

  • Water Treatment Plants WTP

  • Milk of Lime Plants MOL

Degritting Mechanism for L&T
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