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Milk of Lime 

INDOFAB slaker is a ruggedly built, reliable self contained unit for lime staking and grit removal. Ever since our first slaker went on stream over 40 years ago in a pulp mill chemical recovery system, its application has been expanded into several other important industries. Today in addition to being an integral part of pulp mill re-causticizing systems. the INDOFAB Slaker is being used to produce a consistently high grade of milk of lime for use in Neutralizing acid waste streams, in flue gas desulfurization systems in the power industry, In Sugar Industries, for preparation of flotation slurries in mineral processing to name a few.

Irrespective of any Application, the common aspect remains consistent & continuous production of Milk Of Lime Slurry (Colloidal Solution) free from Debris/Grit/Fast Settling solids.

  •  Unibody Construction for Slaking and Classification

  • Compact design with many accessories inbuilt.

  • Feeder cyclone with Premix for efficient performance.

  • No Level control or density control device required.

  • Highest Lime Slaking and Minimum Lime Wastage.

  • Vapour scrubber for arresting fumes.

  • Closed slaking compartment retains the heat for accelerated slaking.

  • Grit/Silt/Sand/Unslaked lime removed using classifier with additional wash for Last stage lime recovery.

  • Capable of Slaking High, Medium and Low Reactive Lime.

  • Unit can handle high purity 96% lime to low purity 80% lime.

  • Can be adapted for Dolomite Slaking customization.

Lime Slaker
Drum Slaker 36 ft

  • Available in Carbon Steel, AISI 304 & Carbon Steel Lined Constructions.

  • 12 Standard Sized Pre-Engineered Models for Capacities ranging from 0.5 TPH to 35 TPH

  • Power efficient rugged designs for Slaking and De-Gritting. 

  • Options of Rake Classifier & Screw Classifier construction across entire range are available.

  • Hydrofoil Large Diameter (D/3) impellors with Higher slaking speeds of > 250m/min. 

  • Provisions for Adapting to Steam heating sparger, Fume Breaker, Vapour Condensation, Green Liquor feed in Re-causticizing plants.

  • Lime preparation for Edible Washing/packaging purpose.

  • Milk of Lime / Caustic for use in Mineral Benefication plants. 

  • Lime Solution Preparation for De-Sulphurisation plants.

  • Re-Causticizing & Causticizing plants.

  • Milk of Lime for Effluent Treatment Plant & pH Balancing applications.

  • Sugar & other processing industries with high lime consumption.

Lime Slaker
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