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Surface Aerator


Mechanical Surface Aerator

Mechanical surface aerators are widely used for many applications in modern wastewater treatment. They transfer atmospheric oxygen to the liquid by surface renewal and exchange. This provides the mixing necessary for distribution of the aerated liquid throughout the tank. Mechanical aerators have found favour because they dispense with the compressors, air-cleaning devices, piping, & diffusers, and their maintenance, which are necessary with injected-air systems, and because they fit into a wide variety of tank shapes, not being bound to the depth and width structures common with diffused air systems.

We guarantee the efficiency of our aerators in all aspects on account of sound evaluations of our numerous applications of this equipment.

Our adaptable design makes it possible for our aerator impellers to be retrofitted to any existing (slow speed) aerator system. *This requires INDOFAB’s expert opinion on individual basis.


Why to choose Indofab surface aerator ?

  • Indofab Aerators are among the most efficient slow speed aerators. The simple mechanical structure consisting of motor, gearbox, lantern support, shaft and Impeller allows easy operation.

  • Bi-directional rotating impeller is a unique design which provides operational flexibility in adverse conditions.

  • It can either be easily mounted on fixed bridge, or be attached to the side of the basin by means of a special barge system in cases where water level can vary.

  • It is a slow speed (115 to 31 RPM) design, which ensures movement of biomass smoothly without fragmentation.

  • A non-clogging impellor design, with very high no. of curved vanes to provide smooth water gliding which ensures minimum erosion.

  • A conical skirt which provides automatic reduction in power consumption at lower liquid levels.

  • Adjustable weir available (on request) for water level control based on tank constructional details.

  • High Efficiency helical gear box with additional bearing lantern support arrangement, which makes the system sturdy and trouble free for operation and

  • maintenance in long haul.

  • Higher depth of SWD is possible with the use of draft tube.

  • Modular design that can be upgraded without much change, for example, extended nozzle without the requirement of draft tube, which ensures higher SWD , this requires INDOFAB’s opinion on individual basis.

Aerator (surface )
Aerator KGS sugar (nasik)
aerator (yash paper )

Performance :

  • Designed and proved to have a Oxygenation capacity averaging between 1.8 – 2.0 Kg/kWh at standard conditions depending on the model w.r.t. installed power for Activated Sludge Process (ASP).


  • Available in all standard power ratings from 2hp to 100hp.

  • Gearboxes & Motors :

  • High efficiency ( η > 92 %) helical gearbox with motors of varying efficiency IE2 / IE3.

Material of Construction :

  • These Aerators are mainly offered in Carbon Steel (C.S), Rubber lined (CS-RL) , CS-FRP , CS- HDGI, Mild Steel Epoxy Painted (MSEP), AISI 304 / L , AISI 316 / L.

  • Wastewater aeration is the process of introducing atmospheric oxygen (O2) into wastewater to facilitate the aerobic bio-degradation of pollutants. The activated sludge process is the most common form of aerobic biological wastewater treatment. This popular process relies on aeration to promote the rapid reproduction of micro-organisms that break down organic matter in the wastewater. Aeration also raises dissolved oxygen levels in the final effluent which in turn helps sustain plant and animal life in the receiving rivers and lakes.

  • Hence, the efficiency of biological treatment plants depends considerably on the quality and suitability of the aerator used. The major factors to be considered in the selection of aerators are the basin dimensions, the required amount of oxygen and mixing.

  • Indofab Aerator are deployed to be used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, including those of the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Indofab’s aerators can be installed in several different tank configurations including rectangular, square and round aeration tanks, etc. Float-mounted aerators are also available, where the liquid keeps varying.

  • Water Treatment Plant WTP

  • Sewage Treatment Plant STP

  • Effluent Treatment Plant ETP

  • Muncipal water

  • Waste water treatment WWTP

  • Pulp & Paper Industry

Surface Aerator (yash paper )
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