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INDOFAB Hydrocyclones are used for Densification of solids in the process stream or clarification of liquid in a process stream. Hydrocyclones are used in processes with low percentage of solids in feed. The centrifugal force developed in the hydrocyclone brings about separation into fine and coarse particle size fractions. The main factors influencing the separation process are the specific gravities of the carrier liquid and the solid material. The suspension is fed tangentially into the housing inlet under pressure, and the pressure is converted into kinetic energy. The tangential feed arrangement causes the suspension to rotate inside the cyclone. Particle separation is effected by centrifugal actions. the cyclone overflow is the fine fraction - particles smaller than the defined separating cut size and the syclone underflow is the coarse fraction - particles larger than the defined separating cut size. Key benefits as Hydrocyclones can be used for any flow rates without affecting the separation efficiency by the used of parallel or inline or radial distributors. A multistage arrangment is possible to increase separation efficiency or capacity or multistage washing.

  • More than 90% separation efficiency.

  • INDOFAB Hydrocyclones are avaiable in following schemes

  • Inline Hydrocyclone

  • Multistage Hydrocyclones

  • Parallel Hydrocyclones

  • Hydrocylcone Batteries

Hydrocyclone in nyhard
Hydrocyclone Parts in SS316 , 304
  • The feed range is from 2 m3/hr to 20000 m3/hr. Feed solids % range is from 2% to 25% feed solids. The operating pressure ranges from 1 bar to 5 bar feed pressure.


  • Construction : Carbon Steel Lined / Unlined Hydrocyclones. Stainless Steel Lined / Unlined Hydrocyclones. Rubber lining or PU Lined construction is most common. Fully Moulded Rubber or PU Hydrocyclones are most popular.

  • Desliming,

  • Classification,

  • Washing,

  • Sorting

  • Clarifying.

  • Thickening of sands, salts, coal, phoshate rock, ores and salts.

  • Oversize particle separtion in grinding circuits, reclamation of very fine sands & ores.

  • Desanding of Water or waste water

  • Clarification of crystalline products.

Huge hydrocyclone
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