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INDOFAB Clarifier's latest technology is Scrapper Mechanisms installed in Sedimentation tanks designed to maintain a steady overflow rate & controlled weir flow; INDOFAB Clarifier Mechanisms are designed to continuously scrap the tank bottom in a very gentle spiral manner. The selected RPM ensures no disturbance to the settling & clear supernatant overflow pattern. INDOFAB Clarifier Mechanisms are equipped with Energy Dessipating Feedwell designed for specific Applications. INDOFAB Drive Heads are necessarily used to drive these Clarifier Mechanisms for trouble free life long service.INDOFAB has been known as a solution partner for Clarifier Mechanism with all reknowned EPC contractors & Acclaimed Consultants. INDOFAB has been able to deliver consistent & continous development in Clarifier Mechanisms with latest Technologies & designs over more then twenty different applications & twelve different designs till 2018.


  • Mounting Type : Bridge Mounted or Pier Mounted.

  • Drive Type : Central Driven or Peripheral Drive

  • Peripheral Type : Full Scrapper or Half Scrapper

  • Mounting Type : Bridge Mounted or Pier Mounted.

  • Sweep Type : Single Sweep or Double Sweep.

  • Scum Removal : Single or Dual Balanced Skimmer

  • Feed Well : Standard, High volume, Deep Design or High Energy Dissipating

  • Sludge Sampling : Telescopic Sludge Sampling or Sampling Piping across all zones

Clarifier latest technology and mechanism

Clarifier latest technology and mechanism has features like 



  • Size : Diameters ranging from 3 Meter to 60 Meter. Span.

  • Depths : Side Water Depths from 2 Meter to 7 Meter.

  • Bottom Slopes : 1 in 12 (4.76 degree), 1 in 10 (5.71 degree), 1 in 8 (7.12 degree) or Dual Slope Designs.

  • Construction Materials of Carbon Steel A36, A286, SA516, IS2062 or equivalent.,

  • Construction Materials of Low Carbon Steels like INOX or Stainless Steels AISI304 AISI 316, AISI317 etc.

  • Coating or Lining Materials : Epoxy Painting, Enamel Painting, Special Coastal Painting, FRP lining with ISO or Vinyl Ester Resins, Natural, Neoprene or Hard Rubber Lining, PU coating, Halar Coating.



  • Water Treatment Plants (WTP) & Waste Treatment Plants (WWTP)

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) or Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP)

  • Industrial Water ReCycle/Recovery Circuits

  • Municipal Water Treatment Plants & Raw Water Treatment Plants.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) or Grey Water Treament Plants.

  • Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment of Liquids in Various Industrial Processes.

  • Caustiscizing & Re-Caustiscizing plants as Green Liquor Clarifier & White Liquor Clarifier.

  • Wash water or Beneficiation Circuit water Recycle/Recovery systems.

Clarifier latest technology
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