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Drum Filter


Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter

Indofab Drum Filters comprise of a metalic rotatry drum housed in a Half semicircle shaped Trough such that slurry/pulp enters the Trough/VAT. A typical submergence of drum in the Trough filled with Slurry/Pulp collects the cake and filters the liquid; The Drum further dries the cake under atmospheric pressure and suction vacuum below the surface of the drum to dry the cake to maximum extent. INDOFAB Drum Filters are equiped with Special cake washing, media washing, Discharge Scrapper arrangments are provided as per the Application requirements. Indofab Specially designed Drum Filters also houses Swinging agitators in the VAT/Trough to ensure that the slurry is uniformly spread over full surface of the drum without forming lumps/patches. INDOFAB Drum Filters are available in various Sizes, Deisgns, MOC; Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters are mostly used to Filter slow settling solids slurry with considerable % of solids in the slurry; The applications usually are dewatering, clarification or washing in Mineral, Beneficiation, Effluent, Food & Pharma Industry.


Types :

  • Types such as leading / Trailing or both Types of piping depending on the appliaction.

  • Open or Closed full Hood Construction can be provided in Drum Filters.

  • Cake wash , Cover Wash , Splash Hood Constructions are available.

  • Material of Construction greatly vary with Application and are selected differently for Wetted & non-Wetted components

  • such as SS304/L , SS316/L, Carbon Steel, SS317/L, SS202, SS430.

  • Special construction types Include PVC/PP piping, Mild Steel Rubberlined Drum and Trough/VAT.

  • Standard Size Moisture Traps & Filtrate Receiver tanks usually forms the Integral part of Drum Filters.

Discharge Types:

  • Scraper, String, Roller and Belt.

Rotary Vacumm Drum Filter
Drum Filter
  • Size:

  • - 2 ft diameter x 2 ft Face Length to 12 ft diameter x 28 ft face Length in increments of 2ft in diameter & length.

  • - Customized big sizes like 13'6" diameter x 32 ft & 36 Ft lengh have been succussfully Installed by INDOFAB.

  • - Indofab has to its Credibility revamped 100 SQ. Mtr Drum Filter at a reknowned Indian Alumina company.

  • -The sizes are more often chosen as per Plant layout, Slurry Feed rate & its consistency and Type of Discharge

  • Benefication Plants

  • Pulp & Paper Industry

  • Effluent Treatment Plant ETP

  • Wastewater treatment plant

Drum Filter  (Metso )
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