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Quality Inspector



  • Quality Inspector is one who is responsible for making sure appropriate quality is met by checking measurements of All parts & raw materials before the item is taken on job or on sub-assembly / final assembly and Incoming materials/Outgoing products.



  • Raw material Check, Job Wise Identification.

  • Component Inspection & Record at various stages of Manufacturing.

  • Verify & Qualify Manufacturing Procedure, Job sub-assemblies/Assemblies to be completely fit.

Tasks & Activities

Raw material Check, Job Wise Identification.

  • Keep check on Issued Job Order Raw material Fit to use & its record on Draft Heat chart in job Drawings folder (Office Set).

  • Checking Castings received for evenness & Dimensions necessary for Castings to be fit to use.

  • Identify Boughtouts, for the job, check & confirm fit to use as per Engineering specifications.

  • D. Record in Job Drawings folder at designated place:

  • If any rectification/Rejection/modification/Doubts in Clarity for Fit to use should be discussed to production/Engineering teams to resolve it & follow up till completion. (with a timeline)

Component Inspection & Record at various stages of Manufacturing.

  • Inspection of Machined Components on Own Shop-floor preferably when on Machine & its acceptance based on drawing and Job Application. With clearly noting the readings on Component Job Drawing. (Prior to that it Is desired for Workmen to Note his sizes by marker on the Job at actual position to assist Inspection) You have to encourage & prolifer quality workmanship by doing this to avoid rework.

  • Inspection of Machined & Fabricated components at Vendor Shop on readiness following the above procedure listed in point A.

  • In view of Very critical Machined components they have to checked at vendor shop, however focus should be clear that if the vendor is regular & have already manufactured the component a number of times, then the job is always be inspected on bringing it return to our shop.

  • In view of the Fabrication job, one must plan visit considering importance, urgency & our shop activities such that minimum hazzles are faced by either of them. The Visit for such job should be normally complete in all respect with clear records on job drawings, complete dimensional & visual Inspection.

  • For Items / Parts / components to be taken for assembly/sub-assembly it is a must to be checked at any prior occasion; if not it has to be done immediately to Tag it fit for use; this includes all small to big components.

 Verify & Qualify Manufacturing Procedure, Job sub-assemblies/Assemblies to be completely fit.

  • Study Job Drawings on issue with production team and during meeting/discussions understand the manufacturing procedure adopted, visualize the end result from quality perspective & point out concerns if any. (note one must be very SMART during such remark so that the implementation is not delayed.)

  • This will qualify the job procedure adopted is correct/raise appropriate concerns to avoid confusion/rework/rejection at later stage.

  • Identify, record and formulate common manufacturing procedures for similar jobs, verify with QC engineer & Production Engineer for making Indofab Standard Job Procedures.

  •  Once a Job assembly or Sub Assembly is complete record the FACT Sheet one per assembly/Sub-Assembly. In respective job QC folder. , Followed by job markings/tagging as may be required for erection, client or Indofab.

  • Recording as built records & Communicating of All Job drawing deviations.

  • Maintain measuring Instruments on shop floor and office in workable condition.

Performance Metrics

  • % of raw material checked to be fit for use vs receipt (weight)

  •  % of bought out checked to be fit for use vs receipt (qty)

  • No of record reports created for manufactured components (machined and fabricated.

  • No of jobs completely checked and recorded before dispatch per month vs no of dispatch.

  • Monthly minimum 5 well documented Practical Manufacturing procedures for making good Quality jobs without rework.

  • No of inputs for manufacturing in troubleshooting google sheet.

Minimum Qualification

  • Diploma Mechanical with 3+ years shop floor experience

  • ITI Mechanical with 7+ years in supervising / producion / QC

  • Only Experience in manufacturing unit is considered<

Desired Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Understanding & Questioning Skills

  • Take organised notes/Records

  • Accurately

  • Timely

  • Ride Two-wheeler or ready to plan & travel quickly in suburb.


Desired Knowledge

  • Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint

  • Shop Measuring Instruments & its measurement techniques.

  • Welding Visual & NDT.


Desired Attitude

  • Confident

  • Go-getter

  • High energy

  • Persistent

  • Willingness to learn from all.

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