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V paddle V/s Flat Paddle Designs of Flocculators

INDOFAB Recommends V paddle Designs of Flocculator

Comparison Based on the old academic references, > 100+ installations and Basic Fluid Mechanics :

Flocculators with Flat paddles absorb larger power & stress due to higher drag.

The fact can be explained with appropriate reasoning as below :


Flat paddles tend to directly displace the liquid in path in perpendicular direction and hence face higher drag/deflection force.

This causes requirement of higher power to drag the paddles. .


Design Paddle area = Paddle Face area

There is no difference between effective area and actual flat area.

Unlike V shaped paddles which have more contact area per unit of projected area, consuming less power.


During Rotation As the Flat paddle contacts the Liquid/flocs. And pushes them in Perpendicular direction, the liquid/flocs, impend in one direction and quickly loose the inertia required for motion due to liquid resistance.

Hence zone of influence is very limited & liquid/flocs are directly impacted

In-spite of high power consumption, the Influence zone in Flat paddles is very less and the laminar flow pattern created does not last over large area, it quickly diminishes. The case in V paddles is exactly opposite, they have la