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Office Assistant



  • Office assistant is the one responsible for liaising with vendors, clients and staff regarding order and follow-up.



  • Communicating with vendors

  • Communicating with clients

  • Develop objection handling scripts for expediting activities.

Tasks & Activities

  • Correspondence with vendors.

  • Placing an Enquiry to vendor, Account confirmation, and updating Vendor details (if required) in system.

  • Preparing and submitting Purchase order and getting confirmation from vendor.

  • Follow-up via E-Mail / Phone.

  • Making Challan for labor job.

  • Correspondence with clients

  • Tracking Purchase Order in system.

  • Transport Information

  • Intimating Dispatch details

  • Record / filing of relevant communication.

  • Develop Objection handling scripts

  • Analyzing responses from vendors

  • Developing communication skills to reduce redundancy

  • Updating in spreadsheet

Performance Metrics

  • No. of enquiries sent, purchase order

  • Quality of objection handling response.

  • In-Time reply to vendors and clients.

Minimum Qualification

  • High School Certificate, Fluent in English

Desired Skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Written communication

  • Oral communication

  • Organized in file storing hard/soft copies

  • Persistence

Desired Knowledge

  • Microsoft word, excel

  • Invoicing and Payment Terms

  • Familiarity with items.

Desired Attitude

  • Confident

  • Willing to Learn

  • Hungry for growth

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