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Mechanical Draftman



  • The role of an Assistant mechanical draftsman is to prepare, update, compile and record manufacturing drawings for respective jobs



  • Preparing part drawing of equipment for manufacturing.

  • Forma`ting and completing annotation of drawings.

  • Maintaining Job folder drawings and material list (BOM) with records.

  • Learn to visualize and create sub-assembly drawings.

Tasks & Activities

  • Preparing job specific part drawing for manufacturing and checking with assembly drawing to full scale.

  • Making job specific revisions in drawings consulting seniors.

  • Formatting for ease of understanding and clarity.

  • Annotation of drawing as per Indofab standard drawings.

  • Annotation indicating the following details in drawing viz. Welding, Machining, Tolerances, Matching marks, critical  dimensions, orientations, specific notes.

  • Maintaining, Sequencing and numbering drawings in office and shop floor folders in sync.

  • Updating Material List (BOM), Bought-out list and hardware list.

  • Learn to take note of shop floor measurements

  • Learn to update drawing as per shop floor and manufacturing requirement.

  • Learn to make notes and record.

Performance Metrics


  • No. of job specific part drawing prepared per tactical meet.

  • No of drawing checked from seniors and issued for manufacturing per tactical meet.

  • No of job folders compiled and checked for completeness

  • No of drawings updated by measurement and visit to shop floor.

Minimum Qualification

  • ITI with 3+ years drafting experience in mechanical field

  • Diploma in mechanical with 1+ year drafting experience in mechanical machines

Desired Skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Organised drawing and project file management

  • Adaptable to change

  • Read material databook and derive suitable values


Desired Knowledge

  • Materials used in fabrication

  • Forms of material and standard sizes


Desired Attitude

  • Confident

  • Willing to Learn

  • Hungry for growth

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