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Estimation Engineer


  • An estimation is responsible for preparing Accurate estimation for proposals, jobs and post order verification.



  • Timely estimates for sales quotations.

  • Cost bifurcation & Verification for costing for in-hand jobs.

  • Post order verification to highlight the gaps.

  • Understand sales process and develop negotiation skills

Tasks & Activities

  • Prepare estimation sheets in google sheets for enquiries, record and pass on to sales.

  • Highlight technical concerns, clarity issues and critical manufacturing activities to sales.

  • Prepare Budget cost like transportation, packing, painting, lining and any other external services.

  • Liaising with team to arrive at a reasonable turn around time for manufacturing.

  • Bifurcate material cost, labour cost, painting cost, packing cost and any external cost for making cost control sheet for the job.

  • Update standard bought out prices and raw material prices twice a month.

  • Reconcile estimation and cost sheet for the job

  • Record considerable gaps in google sheet and make relevant corrections

  • Highlight the gaps to concerned person and escalate repetition if any

  • Assist sales executive to make draft offers.

  • Make First Introductions, Presentations and shadow negotiation.

  • Leveraging value addition and costing insights for improving chances on closing.


Performance Metrics

  • < 3 Lacs in 3 days

  • 3 to 10 Lacs in 5 days.

  •  10 to 50 Lacs in 8 days

  • > 50 Lacs in 12 days

  • Accuracy of cost bifurcation sheet with actual records.

  • Post order verification of actual weights copy recorded in order folder.

  • No of sales offer draft and costing insights highlighted.

Minimum Qualification

  • Diploma in Mechanical with 4+ years Purchase or Estimation experience

  • Degree in Mechanical with 2+ year experience in manufacturing industry

Desired Skills

  • Good with numbers

  • Able to formulate iterative costing

  • An eye for detail and methodical work process

  • Communication skills with vendors


Desired Knowledge


  • Materials used in fabrication

  • Forms of material and standard sizes and understanding specifications

  • Availability of material in the market

  • Comfortable to work in Google Spreadsheets

  • Commercial awareness


Desired Attitude


  • Confident

  • Willing to Learn

  • Hungry for growth

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